Born in a snowstorm in a pick-up truck somewhere in the middle of nowhere near Anaheim, Saskatchewan, it was destiny that Sammy would end up on the road and that's exactly what happened.

After a local talent search and a recording contract with Royalty Records, Sammy put a band together and hit the road running. It was then that she ran smack into the awesome guitar player and steel guitar player Jack Hollenberg. The rest is history. It didn't take long to figure out that this was also destiny.

After a few years playing in Western and Central Canada and six months in Nashville, the pair was off to Europe for eight and a half years for more adventure. During that time they wrote, recorded, and entertained for festivals and parties over the mainland, then they headed back home to Canada. They lived in Alberta for a while and then finally settled back in Saskatchewan, where Sammy had grown up. This was the basis of her song Going Home.

Sammy and Jack have recorded six albums to date and are currently working on number seven in their own Silk & Steel studios and adding new local musicians to the mix. Local musician Charlotte Neyedley plays the bass and joins in harmonizing while Adam Keough sets the beat on percussion. "We are looking forward to our new adventure", says Sammy. She amicably calls herself a zooming boomer and, "I'm proud of it. I feel like I've come full circle and I like it."